Dr.Asha Biju
Dr.Asha Biju

Dr. Asha Biju is a well known Aesthetic Medical Specialist from Trivandrum, India.  With several years of experience in beautifying people of various ethnicities, her aesthetic transformations are the reason behind the captivating beauty of several models & celebrities. She is the first person to introduce artificial hair implantation in Kerala. She has appeared on various TV shows & was featured on Major TV Channels for bringing aesthetic medical treatment within reach of the common man in Kerala. She has also been on the judging panel of various beauty & health related competitions including the prestigious Miss.Kerala 2012 beauty pageant, Miss.South India 2016 & 2017, Miss Queen of India 2016 & Miss.Asia 2016 & 2017. She is also a member of the Business Advisory Committee of the Beauty & Wellness Sector of ASAP (Additional Skill Aquisition Program) of the Government of Kerala. Her articles are regularly published in various popular health magazines. She regularly heads talk shows for contributing information on scientifically approved medical cosmetic treatments. She has also received an FVC award in 2017 in recognition of Excellence & Innovation in Medical Aesthetics. She is the Managing Director of Wow Factor MediCosmetic Skin & Laser Centre which was co-founded along with her husband, Dr.Biju Moses, a leading Diabetologist & Physician

Dr. Soumi Subair
Dr. Soumi Subair

She has years of experience as a Consultant Dermatologist abroad at various hospitals. Her field of interest includes General Dermatology, Acne treatment, Scar treatment, Pigmentation, Paediatric dermatology, Facial skin rejuvenation, Eczema, Urticaria, Facial Hair, Skin allergies, etc. She is an expert in general and paediatric dermatology with special interest in treating eczemas, skin allergies, vitiligo and paediatric cases. She constantly updates her techniques and extensive knowledge of the subject by attending various training workshops and conferences.

Advisory Panel

Dr. Biju Moses Bhaskaram
MD (Gen.Med), Dip.Diab, ACCD (USA), FCCP, DHA
Consultant Diabetologist & Physician
[ Advisory Panel ]
Dr. Ajith R
Consultant Surgeon & Laparoscopic Surgeon
[ Senior Advisor ]
Dr. Mathew John
MD, DM (Endocrinology)
Consultant Endocrinologist
[ Advisory Panel ]
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