Answer a few important questions and we can help you get the AMAZING SKIN you always wanted.

Are you taking any medication? If so, please list
Are you allergic to any medication? If so, please list
Do you smoke?
Do you take alcohol?
Have you ever had or been treated for any of the following conditions? (Y/N) Arthritis, joint problems, bone diseases, lupus, etc
Blood disorders
Cancer. If so, what type?
Eye diseases (Glaucoma, Cataracts); Others:?
Heart diseases (Rheumatic fever, Pacemaker, etc)?
High blood pressure
Kidney diseases
Liver or gall bladder diseases
Lung diseases (TB, Pleurisy,etc)
Neurological disorders
Stomach or Intestinal problems
Others, If so, details
Have you previously had a skin problem? If so, please describe
Do you have keloid tendency?
Do you have a history of cold sores/Herpes Labialis?
Is there a history of skin cancer in your family? If so,what is the relationship?
Are you pregnant?
Are you taking birth control pills?
Have you had Botox, Fillers or Laser treatments?

What is your present skin or cosmetic concern?