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Artificial (Synthetic) Hair Implantation

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Defeat bladness with artificial hair implantation !
Did you know that there is solution for baldness for both men and women even if you don’t have sufficient donor hair on your scalp?

This technique is suitable for any age/stage and even for completely bald persons. The artificial hair is identical to natural hair & it is available in different colours, lengths and styles (straight, wavy, curly) and offers a perfect, immediate, natural and long- lasting aesthetic result. This simple outpatient procedure allows an active and sporty lifestyle immediately after implantation and requires no burdensome maintenance.

Artificial hair implantation available in Kerala exclusively at Wow Factor MediCosmetic Skin & Laser Centre, Trivandrum

No Scar, No Suture, No Bleeding, No donor area required, Instant Results, Very Minimal Maintenance.