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This technique is suitable for any age/stage and even for completely bald persons. The artificial hair is identical to natural hair & it is available in different colours, lengths and styles (straight, wavy, curly) and offers a perfect, immediate, natural and long- lasting aesthetic result. This simple outpatient procedure allows an active and sporty lifestyle immediately after implantation and requires no burdensome maintenance.
Benefits of Artificial Hair implantation

New hair added: The major benefit of artificial hair implants is that new “hair” is added, and the effect is immediate.

Realistic appearance: The artificial hairs are placed individually for a realistic appearance, and they look and style in a way similar to real hairs.

No incisions: The insertion of the artificial hairs is a very simple surgical procedure, and there are no incisions needed to harvest donor follicles or move the scalp.

Maintain hair density: Artificial hair implantation maintains hair density in the areas surrounding the thin area or bald spot.

Won’t fall off: Artificial hairs eliminate the fear of a hairpiece coming off unintentionally. Although occasional shedding occurs, the artificial hairs won’t fall out all at once.

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